State and Federal Documents


2018 Centre County Water Systems

2009-2018 STWA EPA Violations Report

2009-2018 Bellefonte Water EPA Violations

EPA Page for Titan Energy Park.Bolton.Cerro

Geospacial PDF Site Map of Titan Energy Park

9.28.17 Environmental Indicator Human Exposure for Titan Energy Park

9.29.17 Environmental Indicator Groundwater for Titan Energy Park


Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR)

1998-2017 – PA-DEP Public Water Supply Permits for Community Water System Construction and Operations. Same info as PDF: 8.4.17 PA-DEP STWA Permits

2001 PA DEP Water Allocation Application and Instructions

11.15.08 – PA-DEP REQUIREMENTS FOR WATER WITHDRAWAL REGISTRATION & REPORTING – “…A Department regulation, which establishes water withdrawal and use registration, monitoring, record-keeping and reporting requirements at 25 Pa. Code Chapter 110, became effective upon its publication in the Pennsylvania Bulletin on November 15, 2008…”

2009 PA Water Plan – “…To care for the water resources in the Upper/Middle Susquehanna River Basin and to ensure a sustainable supply of quality water, important headwater habitats and groundwater recharge areas must be protected…”

2010 USGS PA Groundwater report

USGS Observation Well CE 686 Giddings

USGS Current Conditions for PA Streamflow

FEDERAL – United States Geological Survey (USGS) and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

USGS Webpage

12.2.16 USGS Per capita water use

1998 USGS Groundwater Surface Water Report – Part 1Full Report Homepage – “As the Nation’s concerns over water resources and the environment increase, the importance of considering ground water and surface water as a single resource has become increasingly evident. Issues related to water supply, water quality, and degradation of aquatic environments are reported on frequently…”

2005 Spring Creek Basin Report by USGS and ClearWater

2000 to 2006 Spring and Nittany Creek Basins USGS Study Published 2015

2016 to 2018 CCCD docs, plus STWA bid docs

2016 Osceola MIchigan DEP