SRBC Documents

Susquehanna River Basin Commission

SRBC Statute – Last Updated 12.11.15

1970 Susquehanna River Basin Compact

1993 SRBC Permit for STWA 600K all sources combined

2.6.03 SRBC Permit for STWA PW-1 1.4M

2008 SRBC Consumptive Use Mitigation Plan

2009 SRBC Access to Records Policy

2013 SRBC Public Notice Guidelines

2016 SRBC Participant List – “Public Water Supply Assistance Program, Aquifer Testing Plan and Ground Water Withdrawal Application Training.” Eric Andreus of Nestle was there.

2017 SRBC Guidelines for Alternatives Analysis

6.16.17 SRBC Minutes STWA Permit Approval

6.19.17 SRBC Permit STWA PW-1+2 499K