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Benner Commerce Park/I-99 LLC

2005 – 135-acre site of state-owned land sold for $1 to Centre County Industrial Development Corporation (site contains several links without much information) (From the 2017 CDT article).

8.12.10 – Benner Commerce Park Open for Business in Central Pennsylvania

2013 – Remaining land in Benner Commerce Park sold to I-99 LLC: “for about $2.7 million. I-99 LLC is owned by Bob Poole, of S&A Homes; Heidi Nicholas, of Nicholas Enterprises; and Paul Silvis, of SilcoTek.” No public bid. Rep. Conklin sought audit. No audit of transaction conducted. (From the 2017 CDT article).

11.25.17 – CDT: Benner Commerce Park created questions, not jobs

Titan Energy Park, former Bolton/Cerro metals 

2002 CC Polluter Data by Scorecard

7.17.08 Bolton Metals Closure – Article from Voices

1.21.14 CDT: Titan Energy Park hopes to attract manufacturing

Investors: 5.20.13 Shaner Capital Announces Navitus, Titan Energy Park; Hadley Investment Co.McCrossin Corporate Joe Leahey