SCWAP Update from David Roberts – August 30, 2018

A SCWAP update from David Roberts is now posted at the NVEC website.


“…There was some discussion that Spring Creek may be compared to the Valley Creek watershed at Valley Forge PA. The Valley Creek is sort of Spring Creek in miniature and has been critically degraded due to overdevelopment.

Spring Creek watershed may be approaching a tipping point with no return due to development. Control of development and direction of development into areas that have minimized impact to the watershed are essential to protect the health of the watershed.

There is a big question as to the actual area of impervious surfaces in our watershed.

One estimate places impervious surfaces at 15% of the total watershed area and another places it at about 8%. This is quite a discrepancy that must be resolved…”

WRRP Development Update

Also, for those interested in the proposed Whitehall Road Regional Park as it relates to watershed-endangering overdevelopment, the CNET video of the August 27, 2018 Centre Region Council of Governments General Forum meeting is now posted.

Citizen comments – including several by NVEC members – run for about the first hour, and then the legislators’ discussion ran for about 45 minutes a little later in the meeting.

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