Spring Township Board of Supervisors – April 2, 2018

Via Concerned Citizens of Pleasant Gap, Facebook

“Brief Report from Spring Township Board of Supervisors meeting:

Supervisors Royer, Capparella and Perryman unanimously approved a resolution (non binding) in support of a Nestle Bottling Plant. They still have not determined a location in Spring or Benner Township.

Eric Andreus of Nestle was in attendance. While other local residents of adjacent townships were silenced, Mr. Andreus was allowed to speak. He thanked the supervisors for their resolution and announced to the public he has office space in Titan Energy Park where the public can meet with him. 

Spring Township residents Lynne Heritage and Martín Perna brought up the same questions which remain unanswered including:

  1. What exit strategy does Spring Township have if this agreement goes south?
  2. Why has Spring Township failed to hire a legal specialist in water law to review the terms?
  3. Why have the Spring Township supervisors and water board not looked at cases where Nestle has been criminally negligent in their water extraction operations?
  4. What compensation will be provided to property owners (and well owners) for the drop in property values?
  5. On what roads will the trucks carrying 21 tons of water travel and how many trips per day?

More on all this later.”

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