2016 NCSC Report – Ecological Drought in Northeast US

2016 Northeast Climate Science Center Report – Ecological Drought in Northeast US

“…Conversations with stakeholders indicate natural resource managers are concerned about climate-associated drought
risk and interested in actionable science related to this issue.
A recent workshop brought together a wide range of experts
to review our understanding of risk in the Northeast. Several factors suggest increases in drought risk in a warmer, wetter climate: 1) increases in temperature will likely outweigh potential increases in total precipitation, resulting in an increase in the frequency and intensity of droughts; 2) predicted changes in the seasonal timing and form of precipitation (snow vs. rain) could significantly influence species and habitats that are strongly adapted to predictable patterns of water and snow availability; 3) increases in competition for ecologically available water as a result of human responses to drought can pose substantial threats to ecosystems…”

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