EPA Documents on Titan Energy Park, former Cerro Metal Products Co.

One of the possible sites for the proposed Nestle bottling facility.

EPA Page for Titan Energy Park.Bolton.Cerro (PDF) – EPA Link – “Contaminants include heavy metals and mercury as well as ignitiable and acidic hazardous waste…Plant four is subject to the following activity and use limitations…1. Groundwater may not be used as a potable water supply nor for agricultural purposes unless tested and treated accordingly for its intended purposes, as approved by writing by the Department of Environmental Protection”

The metal manufacturing facility once had 1,400 employees:

Related Documents

Discussion of new STWA well called the “Cerro well” at the Spring Township Planning Commission’s September 2017 and October 2017 meetings, Spring Township Board of Supervisors November 2017 meeting and Spring Township Water Authority December 2017 meeting:


The Cerro well is related to the proposed Nestle bottling plant, as evidenced by information in Nov. 2017 STWA minutes that “with the new well site they are willing to pay for the pipeline and a replacement well in addition to the water.”

STWA Doug Weikel email to Nestle Eric Andreus, Dec. 15, 2017:

“We received our Contractor’s schedule. Looks like he may be there this week to do some clearing and grubbing. Site excavation and site piping will begin in the new year. Building should start in March. They are showing well development beginning in May.”

Jan. 16, 2018 email from Eric Andreus of Nestle Waters to Doug Weikel of STWA:

“Joe Leahey (Cerro/Navitus) asked if I can provide him a copy of Casselberry’s Aquifer Testing report for the STWA Cerro Well (PW-2) that was prepared to obtain the DEP and SRBC permits.”

See RTK response package:



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