SRBC Water Withdrawal Permit for Spring Township Water Authority

Susquehanna River Basin Commission and Compact (adopted in 1972)

“Decision – A total system surface water withdrawal of 0.60 MGD is approved pursuant to Article 3, Section 3.10 of the Compact subject to the following conditions:…

d.  The Commission reserves the right, based upon new findings, to reopen any project docket and make additional orders that may be necessary to mitigate or avoid adverse impacts or otherwise to protect the public health, safety, or welfare. Commission approval confers no property rights upon project sponsors.”

2 thoughts on “SRBC Water Withdrawal Permit for Spring Township Water Authority

    1. Hard to say for sure. It means at a minimum that SRBC might be a governing/permitting body that the proposed Nestle plant has to apply to for permission to withdraw water from the Spring Creek basin, and that there’s value to citizen activists attempting to bring the situation to the SRBC’s attention.

      Best case scenario, it means SRBC has the power and the political will to deny SRBC permission to Spring Creek Water Authority if the water authority seeks to sell millions of gallons per year of Spring Creek basin water for extractive/diverted use to Nestle, under, for example, SRB Compact Article 3.10.2.ii.


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